The Christening of Hip-Hop Santa

On a Frosty winter day in the North Pole (back when the Southpole was still popular), Santa Claus heard from one of his Fabolous elves about the Ludacris-mas list of a naughty Drumma Boy named Lil’ Jon. On his list were Juicy Js, an Action figure Bronson, and a vintage Andre 3000. Unfortunately, one of Santa’s P Reign-deer had a Cardiak arrest so he had to ask the Busdriver, Arsonal, to hit the road A$AP Rocky. Santa had no Eyedea where the Lil’ Jon lived without the P Reign-deer to guide him, so he decided to play The Game: be a Prodigy and cause as much Havoc as possible. With Immortal Technique, he climbed up the roof of a random and took a Big Pooh down a chimney. The owners of the house were Dumbfoundead and, thinking it was an animal, put on their Earl Sweatshirts and Chino XL’s to go check out what pooped in their chimney. [To Be Continued – Send me a message if you want to help write the rest! Or change it, I was just messing around haha]

Nah but for real… a few years ago, I was searching for some good Christmas hip-hop music, but I found that all the Top 10 lists were so repetitive. They all referenced the classics like Kurtis Blow’s “Christmas Rappin” and Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis”, but nothing outside the mainstream. I thought, “there’s gotta be more hip hop Chrismas music out there”. And there is. It just takes some digging to find it. At Hip Hop Santa we hope to make that digging process as painless as possible, highlighting the best (and worst) Christmas hip-hop songs for any occasion.



2 Responses to The Christening of Hip-Hop Santa

  1. Claus Santa says:

    Here you go santa,
    In our hood we made a song thats gonna be followed up by music video in the US and in Sweden.
    Claus Santa – Is like the monkey santa, instead of giving people, he takes from people.
    Monkeyboy grinding banana = well just like any human tryna get money, but its more serious

    Haha hope you like the song and can load it up on the page or smth

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