Christmas Gift Guide for Hip-Hop Fans (2016 Inaugural Edition)

Christmas is just around the corner, and you know what that means: shopping season! If you’re struggling to think of a good gift for a hip-hop fan, we’re here to help.

So without further ado… 5 great gift ideas for hip-hop fans:

1. Tickets to a show


Search Songkick by artist and location to see if any of your family/friends’ favorite artists are coming to town.

2. Customized merch

Etsy logo. Courtesy of Etsy.

Etsy is a gold mine for customized merch. Search for an artist and you’ll find awesome, creative art that is sure to bring some laughs on Christmas day.

Some examples we endorse:

Drake “Hotline Bling” Ugly Christmas Sweater


Gucci Mane Gift Tags (or if you aren’t lazy you could make these yourself in about 15 minutes)


A$AP Rocky nail decals


There are tons of other custom products. Of course you should also check the artists’ official merch stores. Explore!

3. A new pair of headphones


If your family/friends are still using stock earbuds, it’s time to upgrade their life. You can buy a great pair of headphones at any budget, whether it’s $30, $50, $100, or unlimited.

4. Portable speakers


You can grab a nice portable speaker for under $30. With bluetooth, they bang their tunes anywhere.

5. Spotify Premium subscription


Ad-free, unlimited streaming for $10/month/person (or less for students/families). A no-brainer for any music lover.

What are we missing in our gift guide? Leave a comment below!