Black Spade – “Dis Christmas (W/O U)”

Here at Hip Hop Santa, there is a lot of familiarity with the classic Christmas songs. “Jingle Bells”, “Last Christmas”, and “Wonderful Christmas Time” are sampled like nobody’s business. It’s very refreshing when an artist creates an original song that captures the Christmas spirit without resorting to jingle bells as the primary instrument. Black Spade’s “Dis Christmas (W/O U)” is a perfect example.

Released in 2013 on Portland’s Fresh Selects imprint, “Dis Christmas” features an instrumental that is not distinctly Christmas-y. It’s hard-hitting, atmospheric, and completely lacks any Christmas melodies and instruments. The best part is, this was intentional. You can tell Black Spade steered clear of any gimmicks and set out to create a Christmas song that he could relate to. The warmth of the instrumental is all he needed to give his lyrics a proper backdrop.

We need more of this.

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Free Download: Black Spade – “Dis Christmas (W/O U)” [Bandcamp]