Gary Barner & O.F.T.B. – “Christmas In The Ghetto”

Here’s another track from Death Row Records’¬†Christmas on Death Row mixtape. This one is more rough and raw, actually reflecting seriously about what Christmas in the ghetto is like, as both a parent and child.

The song is great for what it is, but unfortunately any sort of Christmas cheer is absent on this one. I rated this song 2 stars for that reason, but maybe that is because I’m in a cheerful mood right now, and this song can be straight up depressing!

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Naughty or Nice? Naughty2-test2
Santa’s Score 120px-Full_Star_Yellow TRANSPARENT120px-Full_Star_Yellow TRANSPARENTFull_Star_TRANSPARENTFull_Star_TRANSPARENTFull_Star_TRANSPARENT

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