J-Flexx – “Party 4 Da Homies” ft. Sean “Barney” Thomas

Today we move back to the regularly scheduled program, Hip-Hop and R&B! This track by J-Flexx and Sean Thomas is a relatively upbeat R&B song that is sure to get the party warmed up. It has an 80’s, feel-good sound to it but doesn’t sound especially Christmas-y. The laid back feel of the song makes a lot of the good lyrics go unnoticed in my opinion. Took me a few listens for me to really appreciate this one.

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Download ”Party 4 Da Homies” on Amazon [the artist is mistagged on Amazon as B.g.o.t.i] Download ''Party 4 Da Homies'' on iTunes

Santa’s favorite lyric:
“If you can’t afford to put nothin’ under the tree
Remember, the best things in life are free
Be thankful every day no matter whatcha do
Cuz there’s always somebody worse off than you
We got the party on deck and we ain’t gon leave
Keep it poppin’ till New Years Eve!”