Ludacris – “Ludacrismas”

In the 2007 comedy Fred Claus starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti, Ludacris plays the part of DJ Donnie, the official DJ of the North Pole. It’s a small role as he only appears in one scene where Fred (Vince Vaughn) is fed up with the redundancy of DJ Donnie’s track selection. Check it out (or refresh your memory) below.

Now onto the good stuff: the music! As an outtake from the Fred Claus soundtrack, Ludacris transcends his small on-camera role as DJ Donnie and creates his own full-blown Christmas rap song. The song does not appear in the movie or soundtrack (probably due to it’s Rated R content), but it’s only right that Luda recorded a song for the Christmas movie he landed a spot in.

After you hear the song, you’ll understand why “Ludacrismas” was not featured in the official soundtrack. It’s much closer to the average Ludacris song than it is to an actual Christmas song. Throughout the song Ludacris drops Christmas references and the instrumental has it’s fair share of Christmas samples and instruments, although the song isn’t necessarily about Christmas.

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