Murs – “Christmas Rules Everything Around Me” (+ Lyrics)

The seasoned LA rap vet wishes a Merry X-Murs to you and yours. Just released about a week ago, “Christmas Rules Everything Around Me” is a trap-style Christmas rap produced by Curtiss King. Fueled off a “Carol of the Bells” sample, it’s not a cheerful instrumental but then again, the song itself isn’t the most cheerful.

Murs gives advice about enjoying the holidays and goes over some of his favorite traditions (hennessy & egg nog). Oddly enough, there’s no reference to, or sample of, the Wu-Tang classic “C.R.E.A.M.” (where the song got it’s name).

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Murs had this to say about the song:

If you know me you know I LOVE Christmas. I’ve always wanted to make Xmas song. It’s corny it’s silly it’s fun and I LOVE it! God bless us everyone! PS: yes, this is the real Carter family Christmas card.

Murs – “Christmas Rules Everything Around Me” Lyrics

[Verse 1] It’s holiday time
Everybody spending money going out their minds
Fighting in the mall parking lot for the next spot
Standing in line for a brand new Xbox
Stockings getting stuffed
Times getting rough
Just spending time with your loved ones is enough
Just the fact that you get the day off is a gift
You lucky if you’re sleeping in on the 25th
My lady wants some Louis but she’ll probably get some lingerie
That type of gift turn any night into a holiday
Three [?], two sons, [?] A bunch of iPods and some barbie dolls from [?] Why? What’s the reason for the season?
Some say it’s Jesus other people say it’s [?] I don’t really care though who or how you say your prayers
I’m just loving that there’s so much love up in the air

[Chorus] In the holiday spirit you can hear around the block
From November up until the New Year it don’t stop
Pop the top on that brandy and hand me gift quick
Joy to the world, everybody, Merry Christmas!
Jingle bells ringing, carollers singing
Kids sleep dreaming about what Santa’s gonna bring ’em
Good kids get it all, all the [?] don’t get gifts
Joy to the world, everybody, Merry Christmas!

[Verse 2] Shoot, my momma made chili
Everybody playing dominoes, drinking till they’re silly
Then we trim the tree and sing the 12 Days of Christmas
Messing up the words till we also say “forget this”
Sing a new song, put some ornaments on
The drinks stay flowing like all night long
Hennessy and egg nog, ya’ll know what it’s black for
Pass me the soy milk, ya’ll know I’m that [?] For everybody being nice, just call it Christmas cheer
You ain’t gotta think twice
This time of year everybody feeling chippery
Ain’t nothing like the holidays to bring you out your misery
Grinching, Scrooging, ain’t nobody got the time
You listening and grooving to this holiday rhyme
My homegirl made some [?] after midnight mass
Everybody got a glass and it’s all on blast

[Chorus] [Verse 3] [?], champagne, candy canes, and a few beers
I ain’t even trying to see the gym until the New Year
Eating being merry I like cherry on my warm cake
Told my kids [?] Santa’s gonna come late
Smiling in the morning like I ain’t been up all night
Wrapping these gifts and assembling a bike
Kids all hype now there’s boxes everywhere
I took a couple flicks then passed out in my chair
Wake me up when basketball on
Got some Christmas KD’s, some limited LeBron’s
Play some Call of Duty now it’s time to hit the road
To Grandmama’s house for the family overload
More food for me, gifts for the babies
Gotta love the holidays even though they drive you crazy
The present is the present we should celebrate the now
Because the greatest gift that you could ever give is a smile


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