West Coast Bad Boyz – “High Fo Xmas” (with Lyrics)

Let’s hop in a time machine. Having just released the West Coast Bad Boyz, Vol. 1 compilation album in August of ’94, Master P’s No Limit Records is starting to gain momentum. The label is no longer in it’s infancy but still has a few years to go before it will release gold- and platinum-selling albums like Mystikal’s sophomore release, Unpredictable. The High Fo Xmas EP is released November 8th, 1994, featuring mostly artists from TRU (The Real Untouchables).

The first track on the EP is called “High Fo Xmas” and includes spots from Master P, Silkk the Shocker, Pizzo, and members from GLP (Get Low Playaz). The instrumental is simply classic. Smooth electric guitar riffs and synths sit on top of the chilled-out drums, making for an extremely laid-back sound. However, Christmas isn’t as joyous and laid-back as the West Coast Bad Boyz would hope. The song is a reflection on hard (and crazy) times during the Christmas season, which they hope to offset by paying a visit to Mary Jane. The song is executed flawlessly, containing top notch rhyme schemes and content-rich verses. Despite the gloomy outlook, it really puts things into perspective as we have gotten so used to happy go lucky Christmas songs.

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I could not find the lyrics anywhere online, so I transcribed them. Leave a comment if you can help fill in the blanks!

“High Fo Xmas” lyrics

[Intro] Yeahh… it’s the P-I double-Z O in this motha fucka
With Master P and the West Coast Bad Boyz
Finna get high for Christmas
You know what I’m sayin
So open up a [?] [Verse 1] I was high as a kite, late night
Christmas Eve would you believe?
Some niggas came to the [?] with tricks up under their sleeve
I was so [?] that I wasn’t paying attention
Til I saw that chrome shining
Then I heard that bitch was [?] Gotta a nigga [???] I thought around this time of year these niggas would be joyous
No way I can avoid this
Nigga chasin[?] so I reach for mine
Cause I want to [???] no funeral for Christmas time
Living at my prime, refuse to be a victim of a jack
I keep going back behind December [?] When they catch back just like a banana peel, man I’m real
My present to this buster? A whole hand of steel
Can’t even chill, just stack a little income
I must stand on my toes because these hoes would love to catch me slippin
Especially when I’m on fry, but I got my nina for you steamers
Cuz I be high after Christmas time

[Chorus] High Fo Xmas in the ghetto got me paranoid
Make me want to spray some shit up with my plastic toy

[Verse 2] Early in the morning, creasing up my khakis
OZ’s to make some G’s
The chuck tee’s, the black ones ought to match me
Reached under my bed, I grabbed my strap from out of my shoebox
A menace to society by living that thug life like 2pac
Walked up out the house, hopped in the drop that was on them D’s
Rollin solo, so you know my 44’s right next to me
No Christmas carols and I ain’t never seen no Saint Nick
Just 4 G’s, some dope fiends, and *uhh*, a gangsta bitch
Got a nigga stuck, got a nigga fucked, got a nigga toe up in this system
Can’t stand to be broke I can’t sell dope
While [???] them hoes coming to get me
Niggas stay high up off that bud
Keep a grudge till it’s blood
Tested by the [?] this the drug, it ain’t no love
Crack the top, pour the 40 up in the cup
It’s Christmas time but ain’t no presents being opened up
Shit’s fucked up and my life is mess, man
Just pass the bud so I can get higher than a jet plane

[Chorus] High Fo Xmas in the ghetto got me paranoid
Make me want to spray some shit up with my plastic toy

[Verse 3] December 25, a nigga couldn’t sleep though
Woke up in a cold sweat, next to my desert eagle
Looked down the stairs, something ain’t right
P, I know Santa Claus in the ghetto doesn’t pass twice, G
I flip the lights on, don’t nobody move
I heard a footstep and you know that ain’t cool
What should I do? Get him with that chrome [?]?
What if the bitch one of them kids
A nigga can’t live with that
Ain’t no time to think, I gotta think quick
Time is running out, now who gon be the bitch
Grabbed him by his neck, say it’s time to die ho
Threw him on the floor, god damn it’s the bitch from next door
Nigga mind trippin, my mind playing tricks
I ain’t the ghetto boy but this some deep ass Christmas shit
A nigga in the game sweating off that indo
And out my ’64 ain’t nothing but that dank smoke

[Chorus] High Fo Xmas in the ghetto got me paranoid
Make me want to spray some shit up with my plastic toy

[Outro] Getting High Fo Xmas
We’re getting High Fo Xmas
Just sitting here chilling with P
Smoking blunts under the Christmas tree
We’re getting High Fo Xmas
You know we’re getting High Fo Xmas
Smoking blunts for Christmas

Again, please leave a comment if you can help fill in the blanks!