Ying Yang Twins – “Deck Da Club”

The Ying Yang Twins are so 10 years ago… but Santa doesn’t discriminate! The crunked out rap duo have their fair share of party bangers, and Christmas parties are no exception. “Deck Da Club” is textbook Ying Yang with some added holiday cheer. By the name of the song, you can probably tell it is a remix of the popular Christmas tune “Deck The Halls”. The Ying Yang rendition,¬†“Deck Da Club”, is the most popular song from the group’s 2008 album¬†The Ying And The Yang Of The Holidays.

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As a pretty much irrelevant side note, I am pretty sure the Ying Yang Twins invented the word “twerk”. I saw that it was just recently added to the Oxford Dictionary. Interestingly, Oxford spells it twerk, but obviously the real authority here is the Ying Yang Twins, and they spell it twurk. I am assuming popular culture just adopted the twerk spelling, but it makes the Ying Yang Twins look like they don’t know how to spell. This is a travesty!