Tag: Christmas Relevance: 2/5

“Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies Remix”

Get your mythical swag on with this hip-hop version of “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies”. This shit reminds me of the old Zelda games… I swear they had music like this in some of the dungeons.   

SofaSoundBeats – “Carol of the Swag”

“Carol of the Bells” is one of the most highly used songs for hip-hop Christmas songs, and SofaSoundBeats keeps the ball rolling with this one. This beat is heavily watermarked which makes it (significantly) less enjoyable. I normally avoid posting music with watermarks, but I’ll give this one a pass this time: the song’s name is

Odd Future – “F*** This Christmas”

If you are in a pissed off mood for whatever reason and have no desire to cheer up, this song is for you. Hell, Odd Future in general is probably a good look if that’s how you’re feeling.

Dubb – “Ghetto Christmas”

Christmas cheer clearly hasn’t spread to South Central Los Angeles, as Dubb has recently unleashed the most violent Christmas song the world has ever seen. His first words are “F*** Santa Clause” and it only gets worse from there. The only thing I have to say to Dubb is… don’t attend SantaCon! Christmas Relevance Naughty

Ying Yang Twins – “Carol Of Da Bellz” (with Lyrics)

Closing out the Ying Yang Twins’ 2008 Christmas album is “Carol Of Da Bellz”, a crunk/club version of the classic tune. The song has a jam of an instrumental, but the lyrics aren’t very Christmas relevant. The Twins rap about sippin on various alcoholic beverages and hitting the club during Christmas season. In Ying Yang

David Banner – “The Christmas Song” ft. Marcus & Sky

Alright, here is a prime example of what not to do when making a Christmas song. Banner and his crew rap about robbing and stealing because they can’t find jobs during Christmas time. These are extremely naughty things to do if you didn’t already know, and Santa might have to pimp slap the fool who

“Santa’s Rap” skit from Beat Street

Here’s a first for this blog: a snippet from a movie! The following clip is from Beat Street (1984), a movie set in the Bronx following a group of friends who are all devoted to elements of early hip-hop culture: DJ-ing, break-dancing, and graffiti. Some background on this scene: the main character Kenny is not

Stack Bundles – “Have A Happy Christmas” ft. Mel Matrix

Rags to riches is the theme of this one. Despite the title, it’s not a happy go lucky song. This is a good song when you’re not in the jolliest of moods. Stack Bundles raps about his childhood Christmas experiences and how they compare to now. The instrumental doesn’t have any Christmas melodies behind it,

Kurtis Blow – “Christmas Rappin'”

Ladies and gentlemen… your host Kris Kringle presents… the very first Christmas rap song ever released! Kurtis Blow’s classic “Christmas Rappin’” was released back in 1980 on the bonus disc of his (groundbreaking) debut album.