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Hip Hop Holiday Mix (15 tracks)

Get in the Christmas spirit with this 15-track playlist from Alex Julian over at 8tracks. It’s a diverse selection ranging from old school hip-hop to modern tracks by Kanye and Ludacris.

Kid-friendly: “Christmas in Oldskool County” (42 min mix)

Looking for a playlist of old school hip-hop Christmas jams? Look no further. @JefCzekaj from Hip+Hop Don’t Stop put together this 42 minute kid-friendly mix of Hip Hop Christmas songs from the ’80s!

Kurtis Blow – “Christmas Rappin'”

Ladies and gentlemen… your host Kris Kringle presents… the very first Christmas rap song ever released! Kurtis Blow’s classic “Christmas Rappin’” was released back in 1980 on the bonus disc of his (groundbreaking) debut album.