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West Coast Bad Boyz – “High Fo Xmas” (with Lyrics)

Let’s hop in a time machine. Having just released the West Coast Bad Boyz, Vol. 1 compilation album in August of ’94, Master P’s No Limit Records is starting to gain momentum. The label is no longer in it’s infancy but still has a few years to go before it will release gold- and platinum-selling albums like

Ludacris – “Ludacrismas”

In the 2007 comedy Fred Claus starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti, Ludacris plays the part of DJ Donnie, the official DJ of the North Pole. It’s a small role as he only appears in one scene where Fred (Vince Vaughn) is fed up with the redundancy of DJ Donnie’s track selection. Check it out

Ying Yang Twins – “This Christmas” (with Lyrics)

As the second song on the Ying Yang Twins’ Christmas album, “This Christmas” is arguably the most true to the original Christmas classic. It starts off as a standard R&B remake until Kaine chimes in at around the 1:30 mark. I’m not a fan of his verse because his vocals just don’t fit the dynamic

69 Boyz, Quad City DJs, and K-Nock – “What You Want For Christmas”

Talk about taking it to the next level… this song is crazy! The instrumental’s got a techno/breakbeat backbone to it, with jingle bells sitting front and center. Dare I say this is actually a Christmas song that is danceable. As with the last song we posted, the premise of the song is the rappers outlining

Dirty Boyz – “All I Want For Christmas”

Who’s tryin to turn up and keep it thug this Christmas season!?! If so, the Dirty Boyz have you covered. They outline a very long Christmas wish list, but there is no doubt they are getting mounds of coal poured on their heads Christmas morning. I wasn’t a fan of this song at first, but after

Run DMC – “Christmas Is”

Although “Christmas Is” is the less popular of Run DMC’s Christmas carols, it is still a solid jam for the holiday season. The trio raps about how to do Christmas right, which in a nutshell is to give to others and be selfless. The only knock I have on this song is the lack of

David Banner – “The Christmas Song” ft. Marcus & Sky

Alright, here is a prime example of what not to do when making a Christmas song. Banner and his crew rap about robbing and stealing because they can’t find jobs during Christmas time. These are extremely naughty things to do if you didn’t already know, and Santa might have to pimp slap the fool who

“Santa’s Rap” skit from Beat Street

Here’s a first for this blog: a snippet from a movie! The following clip is from Beat Street (1984), a movie set in the Bronx following a group of friends who are all devoted to elements of early hip-hop culture: DJ-ing, break-dancing, and graffiti. Some background on this scene: the main character Kenny is not

DJ Kremy & DJ Ice K – “Happy Xmas” [Remix] ft. Yung Joc, 50 Cent, Paul Wall

Take your shirt off and twist it round your head cuz this track is FIRE. Featuring vocals from three different songs and a Christmas beat added on top, “Happy Xmas” is a straight up jam. The lyrics aren’t Christmas related, but the instrumental is enough to get anyone pumped for the holidays. DJ Ice K

Stack Bundles – “Have A Happy Christmas” ft. Mel Matrix

Rags to riches is the theme of this one. Despite the title, it’s not a happy go lucky song. This is a good song when you’re not in the jolliest of moods. Stack Bundles raps about his childhood Christmas experiences and how they compare to now. The instrumental doesn’t have any Christmas melodies behind it,