Tag: Santa’s Score: 2/5

Dirty Boyz – “All I Want For Christmas”

Who’s tryin to turn up and keep it thug this Christmas season!?! If so, the Dirty Boyz have you covered. They outline a very long Christmas wish list, but there is no doubt they are getting mounds of coal poured on their heads Christmas morning.¬†I wasn’t a fan of this song at first, but after

“Santa’s Rap” skit from Beat Street

Here’s a first for this blog: a snippet from a movie! The following clip is from Beat Street (1984), a movie set in the Bronx following a group of friends who are all devoted to elements of early hip-hop culture: DJ-ing, break-dancing, and graffiti. Some background on this scene: the main character Kenny is not

Jim Jones – “Dipset X-Mas Time” ft. Stack Bundles, Mel Matrix

The Diplomats released a quasi-Christmas album back in 2006, and this is the opening track on that album. It features Jim Jones, Mel Matrix, and the late Stack Bundles. The song has a nice Christmas vibe to it, but the Dipset crew keeps it thuggin by “livin fast and ballin at Christmas time”. Jones raps

Stack Bundles – “Have A Happy Christmas” ft. Mel Matrix

Rags to riches is the theme of this one. Despite the title, it’s not a happy go lucky song. This is a good song when you’re not in the jolliest of moods. Stack Bundles raps about his childhood Christmas experiences and how they compare to now. The instrumental doesn’t have any Christmas melodies behind it,

Gary Barner & O.F.T.B. – “Christmas In The Ghetto”

Here’s another track from Death Row Records’¬†Christmas on Death Row mixtape. This one is more rough and raw, actually reflecting seriously about what Christmas in the ghetto is like, as both a parent and child. The song is great for what it is, but unfortunately any sort of Christmas cheer is absent on this one.