“Santa’s Rap” skit from Beat Street

Here’s a first for this blog: a snippet from a movie! The following clip is from Beat Street (1984), a movie set in the Bronx following a group of friends who are all devoted to elements of early hip-hop culture: DJ-ing, break-dancing, and graffiti. Some background on this scene: the main character Kenny is not only convinced to spin at a local club, but also takes part in this “Santa’s Rap” skit.

Let’s face it: this scene is much easier to appreciate when seen as part of the movie. As a standalone clip it doesn’t have the same effect (at least for me). Even aside from that, Santa still had to give this video a score of 2 stars: there isn’t an overwhelming Christmas vibe, the lyrics are far from feel-good, and the puppet-like appearance of the rappers is just weird! That being said, if you’ve seen the movie, this is a blast from the past!

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Performers in the skit include The Treacherous Three, Doug E Fresh, and The Magnificent Force.

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